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20 Win Challenge in Clash Royale – Top CRL decks to try

20 Win Challenge in Clash Royale – Top CRL decks to try #Win #Challenge #Clash #Royale #Top #CRL #decks Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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The 20 Win Challenge in Clash Royale is back, and players have a short window to try out their best CRL decks.

Completing the recurring event by following its rules is considered one of the toughest challenges in the game, with the added incentive of getting the best unlockable rewards and the official CRL World Finals route.

Completing the 20 win challenge in Clash Royale means winning 20 games with fewer than three losses. And that means you need an upper deck to stand even a slim chance of pulling it off.

Clash Royale | Pancakes new season



Clash Royale | Pancakes new season





Top Decks for CRL 20 Win Challenge in Clash Royale

As mentioned above, in order to complete the Clash Royale 20 Win Challenge, you must do it without losing three games. The new CRL event started today and is scheduled to end at 8am UTC on August 11th. This gives players a total of five days to complete the challenge and earn some crunchy rewards.

The rules for the new CRL event are as follows:

Enter via the Events tab: Each player gets three free entries, three losses eliminate you from the event. It’s possible to re-enter with 10 Gems, and Pass Royale players get unlimited free entries into the Match 20 Challenge. The challenge progress is reset with each new entry (0 wins/0 losses).

Rewards currently include an Epic Chest, a Legendary King Chest, up to 215,000 Gold, and the ability to opt-in to the next phase of the Clash Royale League via the Tournament Hub.

And below you’ll find some of the top decks currently being shared by the top Clash Royale players and content creators:

Royale API

Arrows – Elixir 3
Fireball – Elixir 4
Graveyard – Elixir 5
Inferno Dragon – Elixir 4
Skeleton King – Elixir 4
Tombstone – Elixir 3
Valkyrie – Elixir 4
Zappies – Elixir 4

Master Diddy Sans

Archer Queen – Elixir 5
Giant Skeleton – Elixir 6
Goblin Drill – Elixir 4
The Protocol – Elixir 2
Fireball – Elixir 4
Fire Spirit – Elixir 1
Skeletons – Elixir 1
Cannon – Elixir 3


Mega Knight – Elixir 7
Flash – Elixir 6
Archer Queen – Elixir 5
Ram Rider – Elixir 5
Royal Spirit – Elixir 3
Bandit – Elixir 3
Giant Snowball – Elixir 2
Electro Spirit – Elixir 1

More on the Clash Royale League and what to expect from the eSports aspect of the game will be announced in the coming weeks following the conclusion of the latest event and the Clash Royale Challenge.

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