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Baby girl kisses her cute little kitten, video of their adorable bond goes viral | Trending #Baby #girl #kisses #cute #kitten #video #adorable #bond #viral #Trending Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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The bond between pet animals, be they cats or dogs, and little babies who grow up in the same household, are some of the most precious ones that one can behold. And exactly that kind of a sweet bond between a little baby girl and a cute kitten can be seen in this video that has been going viral of late. The video opens to show how this little girl holds the feline and shows it all the love she has to offer. The video has been shared on Instagram on the page that belongs to a woman named Ksenia Belanger. She also happens to be the mother of the little baby who can be seen in this adorable video that has now gone viral.

“The way she gives smooches,” starts out the caption to this video. “Story behind the video: They were both looking out the window when my girl just happened to kiss her kitten (which I don’t encourage with my kids), I’m glad I filmed that moment to cherish when she grows up. Being so young she knows how to handle any of our pets with care (growing up on a small farm and helping me a lot together with her brothers). I’m sharing this to bring more joy to this world,” it concludes. There is a good chance that this video will make you go ‘aww’ and make you want to keep watching it several times.

Watch it below:

The video was shared on July 7 and has received over 4.49 lakh likes as of now.

On Instagram, one person relates, “My daughter does the same!” This comment was accompanied by the emoji of a laughing face with tears in its eyes. “So sweet,” another user adds. A third response shares, “My goodness!”

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