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BBNaija Reunion Day 8: WhiteMoney, Queen Argue Over Cross And ‘Who Blocked Who’; Nini, Arin Reconcile

BBNaija Reunion Day 8: WhiteMoney, Queen Argue Over Cross And ‘Who Blocked Who’; Nini, Arin Reconcile #BBNaija #Reunion #Day #WhiteMoney #Queen #Argue #Cross #Blocked #Nini #Arin #Reconcile Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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BBNaija Reunion Day 8: WhiteMoney, Queen Argue Over Cross And ‘Who Blocked Who’; Nini, Arin Reconcile

The eight episode of the Big Brother Naija reunion was all about relationship talks as the housemates continued to unravel their issues and sort out their differences in the house.

Here are the highlights below;

WhiteMoney, Queen and Cross Triangle

Big Brother Naija Host, Ebuka, talked about the Queen-White-Money dynamic at the Reunion Show on Monday night. It was an interesting episode as both ex-Housemates were given the opportunity to explain what actually ruined their relationship after the show.

White Money revealed that he liked Queen at a particular time but had control over his feelings. He added that things went south between them after Queen made a statement about sleeping with Cross outside the house.

“Queen made a statement that killed the feelings I had for her” – he said

According to him, “The best days of my life were when Queen cooked for the house, and I started to like her; but while I was liking her, I was in check of my emotions because I knew myself.” I’ve seen some things, but not in any way to demean her. When we were in the head of house lounge, and we heard an argument, she made a particular point of saying that she was going to sleep with Cross, and that pulled me off balance. At that point, I started disliking her. ”

Then Ebuka went on to ask about the WhiteQueen ship and how the whole blocking and unfriending each other on social media came to be. Whitemoney stated that he never understood why Queen felt he blocked her.

According to him, he bears no grudge against Queen and explained how the misunderstanding between fans may have caused the action.

Queen insisted on WhiteMoney blocking her first before she reciprocated.


Ebuka opened up the chapter of Nini and Saga. He asked them both if they were in a relationship and why Nini kept on saying she was in a relationship and Saga didn’t give her the space.

Reacting, Saga said he slowed down and he tried giving Nini the space she wanted but it didn’t work out. Nini on the other side said she and Saga were just enjoying the friendship and it was moving smoothly. She also said she likes saga because he got her back and that’s why she spent her abeg Naira on him during their stay in Biggie’s house.

According to Nini, she knew Saga liked her beyond friendship but there was never a time he stood boldly to tell her anything, so she kept on enjoying their friendship as mutual friends during their stay in Biggie’s house.

Nini and Arin squash beef

The episode ended with Nini and Arin talking about their grievances with each other. After the discussion, the two apologized for being angry with each other and hugged it out.

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