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BREAKING : Dineo Ranaka Leaves Metro FM. Reportedly Fired For Good This Time

BREAKING : Dineo Ranaka Leaves Metro FM. Reportedly Fired For Good This Time #BREAKING #Dineo #Ranaka #Leaves #Metro #Reportedly #Fired #Good #Time Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Well-known drama series Muvhango’s favourite villains, KK and Mulalo, have allegedly been booted off the show.

Both KK, played by MacDonald Ndou, and Mulalo, played by Sydney Ramakuwela, last appeared in January

According to sources, they were in shock that they were let go, and so were their fellow actors.

“Cast members were shocked to find out that those two wouldn’t be returning to the show. This because even though we don’t know what happened, some actors like Mukondeleli (Elsie Rasalanavho) were given contracts that would last half the new season. But clearly their issue was big because they didn’t even get that chance,” said the source.

Another source said MacDonald and Sydney found out about their exit from fellow actors.

“Their contracts expired last year, and they heard they would not be getting renewed from cast members. Writers open three months before actors, so they knew all along but still didn’t alert them,” said the source.

“No one knows what they did. Cast and crew members kept asking if they did anything wrong and even advised them to apologise to the production team. But they didn’t because they said they had not done anything wrong.”

The source further said Sydney was upset at being dropped after 15 years on the show.

“The day contracts were renewed, he received an email saying he was being moved from a global to call contract. He did not sign it because he knew that meant they didn’t want him anymore. He was angry because he had left home in Limpopo to move to Gauteng for the show. He felt it wasn’t fair and that he could have at least been given a warning months before.”

Another source said MacDonald was also not happy.

“He isn’t showing it, but he’s really hurt. This affected him badly,” said the source.

Sydney did not want to comment while MacDonald told the publication that he was told the story would be taking a different direction.

“They called me in and said the story was taking a different direction. There was nothing out of the ordinary. For me, the opportunity was good, and I gave it my best. I had fun with the character I played for so many years,” he said.

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