Brew Lab 101 debuts upgraded patio area featuring ***, live entertainment

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Patrons at Brew Lab 101 enjoy its new patio named Area 101. (Courtesy of Brew Lab 101)

No sooner had Brew Lab 101 in Rio Rancho opened its doors that it had to close them due to pandemic shutdowns.

But when pandemic restrictions eased some and outdoor patio seating was allowed the Brew Lab 101 team jumped into action. It utilized a back area of the property for outdoor seating and now that section of patio is permanent and has been named Area 101. Brew Lab 101 is located at 3301 Southern Blvd. SE in Rio Rancho.

“When the pandemic happened, we were like, well, it’s pretty obvious, we should get a temporary patio going and the state was allowing that,” explained Scott Salvas, Brew Lab 101 owner. “We were able to corner off about 2000 square feet of temporary patio, which really helped us to sustain substantially during the pandemic. And we were able to seat folks out there when you couldn’t seat anybody indoors. And then after using that for over a year and a half plus, people were really enjoying the space and it became obvious to go ahead and turn it into a permanent facility.”

The recently opened permanent patio features walls for privacy that are about 8 feet tall. Brew Lab 101 has added more lighting as well as artificial turf, *** and other games.

“It’s just a much nicer space now,” Salvas said. “We added a new concrete landing so we can have proper (Americans with Disabilities Act) access and have room for bands. It really just gives us a nice space to have open to the general public and then for people to rent out for their private parties.”

The patio is not the only growth that Brew Lab 101 is experiencing. Its cider program is going strong and its ciders make up 30% of its sales. Its ciders can also be found on guest taps at other locations including Flix Brewhouse, High and Dry Brewing, Hollow Spirits Distillery and Enchanted Circle Brewing Co.

“More folks are asking (for our ciders) so we’re just kind of working to increase our production so we can keep up with some of the demand,” Salvas said. “Things are going really good for us. This year has really been a great year and we’re looking forward to more growth and expanding what we do as far as production. We took another suite in the plaza (where Brew Lab 101 is located) so we have more room to expand in terms of production area. That’s our next big project.”

Brew Lab 101 is not just for cider lovers and offers plenty for beer drinkers.

“We have 13 of our own beers on tap and what we have ranges in style,” Salvas said. “(We have) light beers like our Mexican lager to our Ludicrous Speed, which is a wee heavy Scotch ale to our hazy IPA. We have six ciders on tap, so there’s always at least five standards and one rotating. The special rotating one on tap right now is a lavender cider.”

New Mexico distilled spirits also are offered at the brewery and cidery, which allows for some fun takes on mixed libations.

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“We have a lot of different cider cocktails that we do,” Salvas said. “Now we also sell distilled spirits. They’re locally distilled so we have a full spirits menu. And then we have some slushies too. We have a slushy machine, so we make our cherry cider slushy all the time. And then we always have a nonalcoholic slushy mix that the kids can have or adults can spike with their favorite spirit.”

Patrons can also introduce boba pearls to their cocktails.

“It’s just kind of a fun new thing,” Salvas said. “I just decided, yeah, we’ll try it out and see what people think. I haven’t seen anybody really do (boba) with alcohol like that.”

Salvas describes Brew Lab 101 as a local hangout with a casual feel.

“It’s just kind of a super chill place,” Salvas said. “It’s a neighborhood, family friendly type brewery so when you come in, it’s got a very relaxed environment. It’s got a scientific decor, which is kind of fun. It’s a science spin on the science of brewing beer and cider. You can see through the glass into the brewery and see some of the action with the big roll up garage doors. You can kind of come in and be on the patio or just sit inside and still enjoy some outside air.”

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