Crossing Jorge Rial And Bomba Tucumana After The Morena Scandal

Crossing Jorge Rial And Bomba Tucumana After The Morena Scandal #Crossing #Jorge #Rial #Bomba #Tucumana #Morena #Scandal Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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enter here tukuman bomb You George Rial There was always a good relationship, or at least they always showed themselves in public. On several occasions, the artist toured conductor when I was in intruder, However, the feeling cut off and only now they resumed the conversation.

What happened that the singer in a note mourned the complaints received on social networks and threw: “They call me black, dirty feet, that I’m the mother of mor real”, The remarks were hurtful and ended in fact justice, where the case was dismissed.

Three years after what happened, there was a reunion between George Rial And this tukuman bomb, “The truth is I wanted to talk to you, hello, you know I love you so much. It’s the only note I’ve given in a long time, but I wanted to talk to you”The singer confessed.

Gladys La Bomba Tucumana reunited with Jorge Rial Minuto Argentina_480p.mp4

However, Driver didn’t want to stress over what happened and tried to avoid the legal issue created in the past in order to get into the singer’s current state. “The last time we talked, you said you didn’t have ***… what happened now?” he threw it rial taking him somewhere else.

when they were talking about what it is sing with me nowprogram that drives Marcelo Tinelli and in which Gladys the jury is George He took a moment to praise her: “You look great, very nice.”


“I’m happy because I can show that I’m not the devil of 2017, I wasn’t well at the time”recognized tukuman bomb open your heart George Rial I can understand what happened after that.

To illustrate the good vibes that he always had and obviously, he didn’t give up, tukuman bomb dare to prove yourself tinelli and together rial, “I’ve always liked Marcello Tinelli. George, you too! Hello… I’ve hurried George on camera several times,” she said, pointing to ask him out. To which the driver laughed and replied: “And, as it turned out, I ran. obvious”.

to close the reunion rial he fired her: “Glad to see you, I see you very well and I am so happy because I know all you have gone through.” We will see if this is the beginning of a rebuilding of relations.

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