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Data leaked from JPN and MySejahtera surfaces online through easy to use website

Data leaked from JPN and MySejahtera surfaces online through easy to use website #Data #leaked #JPN #MySejahtera #surfaces #online #easy #website Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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One might think that sensitive data such as personal bio, detailed information, and perhaps bank card numbers will only appear in places like the dark web where illegal stuff happens. That is true to an extent but it is about to change because apparently, data belonging to Malaysians are out and about in the wild right now. Again.

We have a ***ing situation.

There’s an OSINT tool already out in the clearnet thats using the leaked Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara database. I just tried it out and holy *** we are screwed.

I wasn’t even looking for anyone specific and I’m already finding nombor anggota.

— Cyber Guardian 💕 (@Radz1112) June 11, 2022


Following the post made by Twitter user @Radz1112, an open-source intelligence tool that is accessible by, mind you, anyone, can search out any Malaysian’s personal info including IC number, address, phone number, and voting details as well as transportation-related data like vehicle ownership history, JPJ summons, and police summons history.

The website also offers info stolen from our good old friend MySejahtera and according to Says, additional details can be obtained with a fee as low as USD $1.50 used as an example for unlocking the name and carrier information for a specific phone number.

If you value your own information, you can pay them 10 stacks (1 stack = USD1,000) and upgrade to the highest tier and there’s also a “remove my information” option for you. Neat user service preference, I must say.

Saya dah senaraikan maklumat yang seseorang boleh dapat berdasarkan sumber.

Yang paling merisaukan adalah maklumat MySejahtera pun ada, tapi kena bayar.

— Cyber Guardian 💕 (@Radz1112) June 12, 2022

Now, you’ll be right to guess that the website actually queries up a database that was leaked out from JPN a few weeks back but Radz1112’s fated meeting with the Twitter account is more like a coincidence as he is browsing through some local open-source intelligence community and stumbled across a su***ious Twitter account.

Hitting up some history cleanup and the “sussy baka” account seems to be dormant around the 2011 period but started to tweet about the website recently. However, this is as far as he could dig up.

Malaysia Website Data Leak

Although at the time being, the site is dead with no information or public announcement of the takedown, it still shows that someone is holding these data and waiting to make a big fat cash win without caring for consequences. And this could be just the beginning as there are already multiple breaches happening around the country involving the MITI website and lumpsum databases available for sale.

Worst of all, Home Affairs Minister Dato Seri Hamzah Zainuddin is denying the data comes from JPN while Defense Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein calls for believing in Malaysia’s intelligence agencies. Well done, our “elected” representatives.

Look, I get it, preventing public panic is one thing, but the problem won’t just go away if all you do is give ***urance without solving who’s behind the syndicate. You might be able to do that for calming the non-tech-savvy people out there but if this sort of thing is allowed to happen continuously, don’t @ me when your minister’s own info and card details get in the mix.

Sources and Images: SoyaCincau

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