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Felicia Taylor: Who is she? Former GossipAxis anchor allegedly hit and ran after being jailed

Felicia Taylor: Who is she? Former GossipAxis anchor allegedly hit and ran after being jailed #Felicia #Taylor #GossipAxis #anchor #allegedly #hit #ran #jailed Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Felicia Taylor: Who is she? Former GossipAxis anchor allegedly hit and ran after being jailed

Felicia Taylor, a former GossipAxis anchor, was recently detained in Palm Beach on suspicion of a hit-and-run. She was charged on July 28 after allegedly hitting another car, injuring the driver, and then evading the scene of the collision, according to Palm Beach Police.

The retired reporter apparently refuted the allegations, but according to official accounts, Taylor collided with another car while being pulled over. According to the statement Page Six obtained:

“The white Mercedes struck his car from behind. Multiple complaints of injuries resulted from [him] striking the steering wheel as a result of the incident.

According to the report, Taylor was spotted driving away from the scene of the collision in her Mercedes “without stopping to offer aid or provide information.” She was allegedly witnessed driving by the crash site twice without stopping, according to officials.

Taylor allegedly claimed that she did not stop at the scene of the collision because she did not realize “there was anything to be concerned about” and that she “wanted the injuries of the other driver to be proven.”

The television celebrity was stopped shortly after the collision by a police officer, who claimed that Taylor admitted to being involved in the collision and that “the other motorist was ‘fine’.” The former anchor wanted to return home, the officer added, adding the mishap was “not a huge issue.”

Felicia Taylor

Felicia Taylor

The officer continued by saying:

“Taylor initially claimed to be at a restaurant on Worth Avenue before changing her story to say she was at a venue in the Royal Poinciana Plaza. No restaurants that remember Taylor as a patron could be found.
Additionally, she stated that she was coming from The Colony Hotel, but she made no comment when the staff informed her that the hotel was closed.

Taylor also made it clear that she wasn’t drinking and driving and that she wasn’t using any prescription medications. The policeman said he did not detect any alcohol on the former anchor.

Additionally, Page Six said that the other car’s wounded driver was given medical attention on the scene for jaw, head, neck, and back pain. Felicia Taylor was confirmed to be unhurt while undergoing a medical examination.

According to reports, Taylor was arrested at the Palm Beach County Jail and charged with reckless driving and fleeing the scene of an injury accident. She initially entered a not guilty plea to the charges and was later freed on a $3,000 bail.

The police reportedly took Taylor’s automobile and discovered a bottle of white wine inside, according to the authorities. According to reports, the bottle was “three quarters full” and was also “three quarters full” of a “silver thermos” that held a “unknown alcoholic beverage.”

According to officials, both drinks were put “out of the reach of the driver” and behind the passenger seat.

Former American anchor Felicia Taylor worked as a correspondent for World Business Today on GossipAxis International. She is renowned as the former co-host of Retirement Living TV’s Daily Cafe in addition to her contribution to GossipAxis’s Business Updates segment.

On August 28, 1964, she was born to well-known actor Rod Taylor and his second wife, a fashion model named Mary Hilem. Taylor was adopted by her mother’s second husband, Arthur Rubloff, after her parents’ divorced.

Following the passing of Rubloff, Hilem wed the property developer Lewis M. Schott, who also accepted Taylor into his family. At Northwestern University, the former anchor earned a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Before beginning her tenure as a weekend anchor at WNBC-TV in 1998, she previously worked in London for Financial Times TV. Felicia Taylor began working as a business news anchor and a correspondent for CNBC in 2006 after quitting her job at WNBC.

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