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How Sphe will finally kill Winston

How Sphe will finally kill Winston #Sphe #finally #kill #Winston Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Sphe had turned the tables since last week when she said she loved Winston and missed him. This week she 8s dancing to a different tune—her own.

Philani inspires a different spirit into Sphe when he says he will poke Philani from his pit like a snake.

In the newly released highlights, Sphe is seen doing just that as she takes a second interview with Flying news and this time, she tells Winston how much she putties him.

This turns Winston into a raging lunatic as he watches the interview and throws his toys.

Then he takes up a notch. He starts following Rorisang, and She’s a baby girl. He takes pictures of her and then uses them to terrorise Sphe. He says he might take Rori under his wing.

This in turns Sphe into a raging lunatic. The next we hear her say is that she would do anything to protect her daughter, even Kill! Even Philani is shocked by this and asks her if she is sure.

Still, in Philani, Nkosiyabo is unhappy with the new turn of events around Philani and Sphe. He is seen telling him off and calling him a gold digger running after Sphe’s money.

Nkosiyabo doesn’t know that Philani is a dirty player, and now Nkosiyabo is his puppet. Philani got Nkosiyabo arrested last week for defeating the ends of justice. This comes after Nkosiyabo got fake passports and got involved in some shady business meeting that went seriously wrong.

Sphe panics when she receives a disturbing phone call, things are getting seriously scary.

Pam is also forced to face her strange behaviour relating to her late husband, Siyanda Khoza.
This week she will get into trouble when a criminal makes her changes her perspective on things. Who is this criminal?

Zondiwe is also going through a discovery period, and she is made to accept that she is now an elder. She has been slipping lately and has turned into a danger to herself and those around her.

Lucy warns Luyolo of imminent danger coming his way. The good Doctor can’t seem to stay away from trouble lately. What troubles are coming his way this time?

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