Jackie Aina Soro Soke Candle Drama, Scandal And Controversy Explained After She Names Candles After End SARS Protests

Jackie Aina Soro Soke Candle Drama, Scandal And Controversy Explained After She Names Candles After End SARS Protests #Jackie #Aina #Soro #Soke #Candle #Drama #Scandal #Controversy #Explained #Names #Candles #SARS #Protests Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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On August 5, Jackie Aina, who recently turned 35, unveiled her newest line of Owambe candles in a partnership with fashion designer Claude Kamini and FORVR Mood, a company she founded, know her Soro Soke candle drama and scandal

The group, which Jackie called “the proudest group to date,” faced backlash from social media users who took issue with the name Sr. Sókè was given to one of the candles. What’s the premise?

Jackie Aina Soro Soke Candle Drama, Scandal And Controversy Meaning Explained After She Names Candles After End SARS Protests

Jackie Aina, a Nigerian in the diaspora decided it was sensible to name her candle Soro Soke; a word formed during the #EndSARS protest. This was a period when hundreds of Nigerian youths were beaten and shot to death because they wanted a better country.

— Pürple rose🌹 (@iam_RosE_) August 5, 2022

Is Jackie Aina serious? What even is a soro soke scented candle going to smell like?

— Biliquis (@Biliquis_X) August 5, 2022

Scented candles are supposed to give off comfort and amazing fragrance vibes. No one in the branding team told her that Soro Soke is far from comfort, it represents pain from EndSARS but I’m sure Jackie Aina thought oh it’s a Nigerian popping slang, a trend…Naija to the world 😭

— BDM🦅 (@Blackdotmandy) August 5, 2022

I didn’t quite understand everything regarding Jackie Aina and her using Soro Soke for a candle, until I saw someone say it was the equivalent of someone putting “I can’t breathe” on a candle. It’s unsettling.

— Yasmeen Javid (@YasmeenJavid) August 5, 2022

Who Is Jackie Aina?

American-Nigerian YouTuber Jackie makes videos about self-care and cosmetics. She advocated for people of color and discussed the need for minority groups to receive more exposure on social media.

On all social media channels, it has a sizable following. Jackie now has 1.8 million Instagram followers, 3.56 million YouTube subscribers, and 1.3 million TikTok followers. She also runs the FORVR Mood business.

The Dramatization Of The Sr. Sókè Candle

Jackie unveiled her newest candle line, Owambe, on August 5. This collection features four brand-new scents: Sr. Sókè, No Wahala, Soft Life, and Spice Of Life.

The information spread swiftly online, but some users were offended by the name social media influencer Sr Sókè chose for one of the candles.

The response from Sr Sókè, which stands for “talking louder” or “speaking out loud,” is a rallying cry for the anti-SARS demonstrations in October 2020.

Its over SARS was a series of rallies against alleged police brutality that were planned in Nigeria. Some social media users were upset that Jackie used the phrase to give one of her candles a name as a result.

The FORVR Mood: Jackie Inna

According to the website, FORVR Mood is primarily concerned with conveying the idea that black women “deserve” the most. The article points out that while most people mistakenly see black women as “strong,” they are much more than that.

Black women deserve better than tenacity and grit. Strong black women are not always necessary. Self-care is due to black women. Luxury is due to black ladies. According to the website, black women ought to be pampered.

Jackie and her crew created the company’s beauty and self-care items portfolio. In other news, Jackie Aina’s explanation of the Candles drama Sr. Sókè as an influencer receives criticism.

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