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Ken Wilber

Who is Ken Wilber?

Ken Wilber is currently one of the world’s most influential philosophers. Ken Wilber is America’s most widely translated academic author With 25 books translated into more than 30 foreign languages.

Ken Wilber- Birth, Parents, Siblings & Education

Ken Wilber was born on January 31, 1949, in Oklahoma City. As an only child, he had a relatively happy childhood because his parents mostly let him do whatever he wanted.

His father was in the air force, and the family never stayed in one place for an extended period of time, requiring him to be adaptable. In Montana, he graduated from Great Falls High School.

He was dubbed “the brain” in high school for consistently topping the class, which he despised because he craved popularity and downplayed his intellectual ability.

He enrolled at Duke University as a pre-med student in 1967 but dropped out to pursue a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and biology, as well as a master’s degree in biochemistry, at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Net Worth of Ken Wilber?

Ken Wilber’s net worth is $13 million.

Relationship, Married Life, Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Ken Wilber married Terry “Treya” Killam, who was later diagnosed with breast cancer.

Their shared experience was documented and published as Grace and Grit after Treya’s death in January 1989.

He now lives in Denver, Colorado, and is a co-founder of the Center for World Spirituality. He has revealed that he has RNase Enzyme Deficiency Disease, a debilitating disease.

Body Measurement- Height, Weight, Hair Color

Ken Wilber’s body dimensions are unknown.

Ken Wilber- Professional Career

Wilber’s first book, ‘The Spectrum of Consciousness,’ was published in 1973, and it was a groundbreaking synthesis of religion, philosophy, physics, and psychology that served as the foundation for all subsequent attempts to integrate psychology and spirituality.

‘No Boundary,’ published in 1979, is a straightforward and comprehensive introduction to the various psychologies and therapies available from Eastern and Western sources, with the goal of assisting the reader in understanding the nature and application of these therapies.

‘The Atman Project,’ published in 1980, follows human development from childhood to adulthood and beyond, into the states described by mystics and spiritual adepts, and hints at the path that humans take toward transcendence.

‘The Holographic Paradigm and Other Paradoxes,’ a collection of essays and interviews, was published in 1982.

Ken WilberKen Wilber in an interview. Source: pinterest

It investigated the connections between holography and the holographic paradigm and the fields of consciousness, mysticism, and science.

In his approach, the holon is a central concept. He noticed that every entity/concept appears to have a dual nature: as a self-contained entity and as a component of something else.

In his 1995 book ‘Sex, Ecology, Spirituality: The Spirit of Evolution,’ he outlines approximately twenty tenets that characterize all holons. These tenets form the basis of Wilber’s manifest reality model.

In 1997, he kept a journal of his personal experiences, which he later published in 1999 as ‘One Taste,’ a term for unitary consciousness.

He explained that the body, mind, and soul luminosities are all perfect manifestations of the Radiant Spirit.

In his groundbreaking 1997 book ‘The Eye Of Spirit,’ he used the “spectrum of consciousness” model to rewrite our approach to such critical fields as psychology, spirituality, anthropology, art, and planetary transformation.

The novel ‘Boomeritis: A Novel That Will Set You Free,’ published in 2002, introduced the concept of ‘Boomeritis,’ a lethal synthesis of a modern liberal, egalitarian worldview and an unquestioning narcissism common among Baby Boomers.

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Social Media

His social media handles are unknown.

Quick Facts of Ken Wilber

Madhyamaka Buddhism, most notably as articulated in Nagarjuna’s philosophy, has influenced Wilber’s philosophy.
He argues for the importance of an integrated approach because we have an abundance of methodologies and practices drawn from a wide range of fields and knowledge traditions in today’s postmodern world.
His net worth is $13 million.
Wilber married Terry “Treya” Killam, who was later diagnosed with breast cancer.
He enrolled at Duke University as a pre-med student in 1967.

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