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MultiVersus Leaked Roster Reveals 31 New Characters

MultiVersus Leaked Roster Reveals 31 New Characters #MultiVersus #Leaked #Roster #Reveals #Characters Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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A series of MultiVersus leaks including datamines and voice lines has revealed many new characters potentially coming to the game, with 31 additional fighters allegedly set to join its roster.

The leaked characters are a who’s-who of Warner Bros. properties, ranging from Godzilla to Ted Lasso, and even potentially include a guest appearance from Netflix’s Stranger Things, as Eleven is seemingly set to join the battle.

The leaks have been compiled and shared by Twitter user @MvSLeaks, with some having been recently revealed — including Gremlins’ Gizmo and Stripe — while others were previously known. @JMCSqueezy then handily included a full list of the character leaks.

The full MultiVersus leaked roster

multiversus godzilla

The full alleged leaked roster for MultiVersus is as follows:

The JokerRavenStaticPoison IvyBlack AdamNubiaScorpionFred FlinstoneDaffy DuckMarvin the MartianJohnny BravoPowerpuff GirlsSamurai JackBen 10Craig of the CreekAnimaniacsDaenerysThe HoundGandalfLegolasWicked Witch of the WestBeetlejuiceGizmo and StripeElevenTed LassoRickMortyEmmetGodzillaBrute (original character)Ninja (original character)Rex (original character)

While these leaks seem reliable enough given that they’ve largely stemmed from datamined information contained within the game itself, it’s worth noting that there’s no guarantee that every character featured will end up in the game. Considering that MultiVersus and developer Player First Games are dealing with tons of licensed properties, there are legalities standing in the way of certain characters being used.

For instance, it was previously suggested in an early game leak that Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Mad Max would be making their way to the game — however, it’s now speculated that this will no longer the case. As such, many of the leaks are subject to change, particularly if they belong to major multimedia properties.

Still, even if some of these leaked fighters don’t make their way into the final game, it’s still a robust selection of characters to choose from. With MultiVersus proving to be incredibly popular in its open beta phase, introducing more famous faces should only help continue its winning streak.

In related news, we compiled a tier list highlighting MultiVersus’ best characters for the month. We also revealed when the game’s ranked mode will be released.

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