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Murray Kitteringham (The Principal) : Sudden Death

Murray Kitteringham (The Principal) : Sudden Death #Murray #Kitteringham #Principal #Sudden #Death Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Murray Kitteringham, the Principal of Sir Joseph Banks High School, died unexpectedly. The public has been interested by the news circulating on social media about his death cause.

He was the deputy head of DET, according to his Linkedin page. Aside from that, there are no additional activities that can be tracked. According to the website of Sir Joseph School, they “teach educational excellence.”

Murray Kitteringham : Demise

Murray Kitteringham, the vice principal of Sir Joseph Banks High School, died unexpectedly on June 13, 2022, leaving friends and family behind. The man was described as being exceedingly friendly, genuine, and compassionate to everyone he met.

Today, social media is flooded with mourners who remember him as a tireless advocate for children and education. This individual was noted for taking little to huge moves toward improving and upgrading the South West Sydney teaching-learning system.

He was also a member of the Teacher’s Federation of NSW, a union that represents teachers in NSW public schools, TAFE institutions, and Corrective Services. Everyone there remembers him as someone who could effect the change that society desired, as a public listener to put it.

Murray’s friends, family, coworkers, and the school community have all received tweets from the NSW Department of Education School Leadership Institute. They went on to describe him as a superb principal who was dedicated to public education.

Reasons Behind the Death

Despite the fact that the Internet is buzzing about the great loss we will suffer as a community as a result of Principal Murray’s death, the cause of his death has yet to be revealed. None of the condolence letters or memorial tributes mention what happened to him.

However, there are no evidence that he is ill or that he is suffering from a long-term ailment. As a result, everyone is labelling this one shocking and sudden, but if you dig deeper into the tweets, you can see people asking whether it was truly unexpected, implying his poor condition.

Furthermore, there are no discussions regarding accidents. Everyone is busy describing how he was a wonderful person whose death startled everyone. At this time, neither his family nor he has made any public statements.

For the time being, Sir Joseph Banks High School has made no formal remark. On the other side, Jason Clare, a member of the Australian Parliament from Canberra, announces his death, making it a confirmed source of information. He recalls that he was heartbroken when he learned of the death of the principal of the school in his neighbourhood.

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