Rebel Wilson Revealed That It Was Scary For Her To Confirmed Her Relationship With Girlfriend Ramona Agruma

Rebel Wilson Revealed That It Was Scary For Her To Confirmed Her Relationship With Girlfriend Ramona Agruma #Rebel #Wilson #Revealed #Scary #Confirmed #Relationship #Girlfriend #Ramona #Agruma Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Who is Rebel Wilson? And what has happened to her?

Rebel Wilson is speaking up on why she had to divulge her relationship with lover Ramona Agruma in a Post on Instagram after the actor stepped out and declared her romance with Ramona Agruma in a post on Instagram. She claimed she was encouraged to come out because an Australian magazine was investigating her and was going to publish an exclusive story about her love partner.

The magazine has received a lot of outrage on Twitter for attempting to out Wilson before her consent. Rebel tweeted in reaction to the outpouring of criticism directed against the publication.
“Thank you for your comments; it was a difficult issue to deal with, but I tried to do it gracefully.” When she came out on June 10, the Senior Year actress declared “love is love” and uploaded a photo of herself and her “Disney princess” together. “Thought I was looking for a Disney Prince… but maybe what I truly needed all this time was a Disney Princess,” Rebel added in her post.

rebel wilson

Wilson wrote, “It was a very difficult circumstance, but I tried to manage it gracefully.”

Wilson’s connection was investigated by the newspaper’s gossip columnist “with an abundance of caution and respect,”

“That was a huge blunder. Wilson chose to jump ahead of the narrative by announcing her new ‘Disney Princess’ on Instagram early Friday morning.”

Wilson tried to jump the game by posting about her new “Disney Princess,” according to Hornery. Wilson’s previous involvement with a man is also discussed in the op-ed. However, the piece was roundly criticized on social networking sites.

“We would have asked the same questions had Wilson’s new partner been a man.”

“Saturday’s story continued that trend by providing readers with details about our interactions with Wilson and her public relations team,” he concluded. “This wasn’t your typical news tale.” “We wish Wilson and Agruma well,”.


i am so beyond disgusted at this. turns out rebel wilson only came out to avoid being forcefully outed and now that newspaper is pissed at her for ruining their scoop?? so they wrote this mess?? i am so angry and so sorry for rebel, no one deserves this. pic.twitter.com/PTnTqzr9VI

— theresa 🌈 (@sapphoslibrary) June 11, 2022

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