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Running Away From Tidal Bore

Running Away From Tidal Bore #Running #Tidal #Bore Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Running Away From Tidal Bore refers to videos of people trying to escape from tidal bore at Kampar River, Riau, Indonesia. The videos, although from different people, share a series of connections that make them interesting to watch.


On December 6th, 2021, YouTube user Rina rina bono Channel cahaya pagi uploaded a vlog of herself in the Kampar River before the tidal bore came. In the video, she is almost swept away by the waves while keeping her smartphone off the water, then someone with a red shirt helps her. The video received more than 123,000 views in one month (shown below, left). On the next day, YouTube user Onex TM uploaded a vlog of himself in the same river. In the video, he runs away after the tidal bore comes for him, and is helped by the same woman from the previous video. It received 12,200 views in one month (shown below, center). On December 7th, 2021, YouTube user MEMBAYANG TV uploaded a video at the same location of himself smacking a banana tree, inspired by Salam Dari Binjai. The video received 9,700 views in one month (shown below, right).

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