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Super Hero Leaked Footage Confirms a Major Moment

Super Hero Leaked Footage Confirms a Major Moment #Super #Hero #Leaked #Footage #Confirms #Major #Moment Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Leaked footage from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s final battle has made its way onto message boards and social media.


The leaked footage, which CBR is prohibited from reposting, confirms earlier rumors and shows that the movie ends with a final battle against a new version of Cell, the genetically-engineered super soldier that Gohan originally defeated in Dragon Ball Z. The new version of the villain is substantially larger than his original incarnation, standing several stories tall, and sports a new red color scheme. In the footage, the villain does not appear to speak, and most closely resembles the original Cell’s Semi-Perfect Form, which was less insect-like than his original body but lacks the human face of his perfected final transformation.

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In addition to showing the new Cell waking up, the footage also shows Gohan, Piccolo, Goten, Trunks, Android 18 and the series’ newest android warriors, Gamma 1 and 2, all teaming up together to fight the m***ive, and apparently out of control, monster. Fans on social media have dubbed this new version of the villain “Cell Max.”

Spoilers for the movie began appearing online almost immediately after Super Hero opened in Japan on June 11. Images of “Final Gohan,” Gohan’s new transformation, were posted on Twitter on June 10 and immediately began trending worldwide on Twitter, much to the chagrin of fans who were trying to avoid spoilers. According to the spoilers, Gohan awakens the new form during a moment of rage in the battle against Cell Max, and uses it to defeat the monstrous new villain after all of his previous attacks failed to do any damage. The new form reportedly gives Gohan white hair and red eyes. Piccolo also debuts not just one, but two new transformations during the movie: the new golden-colored transformation seen in earlier trailers, as well as a new orange-colored form, which is reportedly granted to him by Shenron, the Eternal Dragon.

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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is set after the events of the Moro arc and sees Gohan and Piccolo teaming up once again to take on some of Goku’s oldest foes, the Red Ribbon Army. The film is the first theatrical release in the franchise to be animated entirely using computer-generated imagery.

Fans who want to avoid further spoilers should be very careful for the next two months, as the movie won’t be officially released in the United States until Aug. 19. The film will be distributed internationally by Sony Pictures and Crunchyroll, which is also producing an English dub for the film.

Source: Twitter, Reddit

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