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The Great Confluence Isn’t Coming To Dota 2

The Great Confluence Isn’t Coming To Dota 2 #Great #Confluence #Isnt #Coming #Dota Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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On July 29, Twitter user @gabefollower tweeted about a supposedly leaked upcoming event for Dota 2. The account was known for typically posting CSGO leaks, but nonetheless, the information seemed legitimate. The leak called the event “The Great Confluence”, something mentioned in passing by several characters. However, on July 30, the account posted an update saying that the leak was not actually real. The source used to datamine the information was getting false positives. Since similar rumors had been circulating before, these false positives lead to the mistaken “leak”.

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What Is All This?

As far back as 2020, rumors were circulating about a possible crossover with Heroes of Newerth. Heroes of Newerth, or HoN, was a MOBA inspired by the original DotA mod. While not as popular as Dota 2 or LoL, it had a respectable following. Unfortunately, the game was shut down on June 20, 2022. The original rumors of a crossover began when references to characters from HoN were discovered in Dota 2’s files. Two of these, Puppet Master and Engineer, were said to be upcoming heroes in Dota 2.


Along with the HoN rumors, players also speculated about crossovers with Dragon’s Blood and Artifact. These ideas were likely inspired by Marci being added to the game. As a character originally from Dragon’s Blood, she opened the door for other crossover heroes. Players suspected that Fymryn, another popular character, might join Marci in-game. As for Artifact, the Dota card game, players speculated that the character Vanessa would be added. The final name supposedly leaked, Durana, doesn’t have any clear connections to anything. Durana are a kind of animal in the Dota world, although they are barely ever mentioned.

Feeding The Flames

Valve had nothing to say about these rumors, but ended up stoking them with a 2022 announcement. In the Battle Report Update, they told players that they were restructuring how the Battle Pass worked. Traditionally a summer event that ended with the conclusion of The International, Valve intended to push it back. While it’s still unknown what Valve has planned, the news emboldened speculation about The Great Confluence. Fans assumed that the delay, and the lack of information about it, meant that the Confluence was coming. But as has been revealed, this was a mistake. While searches for speculated heroes turned up a 403 error, so did everything else. A 403 error means that while something was found, the server forbids the client from accessing it. Fans took this as a confirmation of their suspicions, before the eventual realization.


While the rumors may have been unfounded, it doesn’t mean any of these are definitely not coming. While a crossover on the same scale is unlikely, it’s definitely possible that something similar could happen. Marci’s addition to the game opened the door for other Dragon’s Blood characters to join. With Book 3 releasing on August 11, it’s possible that another character may be added as a hero. For now though, players will have to wait for official news regarding any new content.

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