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Things To Remember For The Bride’s First Night After The Wedding – Kuri007

Things To Remember For The Bride’s First Night After The Wedding – Kuri007 #Remember #Brides #Night #Wedding #Kuri007 Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Welcome to, Here is the new story. Yes, as always today we have brought you a new video story, hope you like it: Things to remember for the bride’s first night after the wedding #remember #bride039s #night #wedding

Today we’re talking about Things to remember for the bride’s first night after the wedding

After a series of wedding customs, your ‘First Night,’ also known as ‘suhaag raat,’ marks the start of your journey as a married couple. On this day, newlyweds are supposed to consummate their marriage, and for many couples who have never had a physical relationship before, this night may be the first time they have sex with their partner. And, in the midst of all the hustle and bustle, it can be equally stressful for the bride to reduce her anxiety levels for the first night. 

So, here are four pointers for the bride to remember on her first night after the wedding.

1. It is not similar to what you see in movies

Indian weddings are notorious for lasting all night. Furthermore, the exertion of those pre-wedding activities, dancing and posing all night might take all of your vitality. There’s a risk you won’t enjoy the ‘ideal’ first wedding night you pictured in your imagination. It’s entirely feasible that you two will do nothing but sleep! Understand that it is okay to prioritize your sleep.

not everybody bleeds

2. Not everyone bleeds on the first wedding night

This concept has also promoted the widely held belief that a girl must bleed on her wedding night to prove her virginity, which can be attributed to a lack of understanding or traditional beliefs. Some women will bleed after their first sex, while others will not. Both are very normal. When a woman has penetrative sex for the first time, her hymen may stretch or tear, causing her to bleed. This could also happen before her marriage as a result of intense sports activities, tampons, masturbation, and so forth.

3. Keep lube handy

This is your first night together, and even though you both know one other, you may be frightened due to the pressure of this rite. To ensure that everything runs well, keep some lubrication available and make it your best friend for the night; it makes intercourse easier, less painful and more delightful. There are numerous lubricants (both oil-based and water-based) on the market. Choose a decent one after doing thorough research.

awkwardness is okay

4. Awkwardness is OK on the first night

Even if you had a terrific romance or even a love marriage, living together is an entirely different experience. All you have to do is accept it in all of its discomfort and strangeness. You must be practical in your approach. Give yourself some leniency, enjoy your favourite booze with your partner, and relax to get rid of the awkwardness with your spouse.

 We understand that you may be hesitant to ask others, so we have compiled the list of suggestions above to help you feel less awkward and more at ease on the most important day of your life. We are confident that you will now know what to remember on your first wedding night.

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