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Vaginal Prolapse Is Common, Doctor Explained On Twitter

Vaginal Prolapse Is Common, Doctor Explained On Twitter #Vaginal #Prolapse #Common #Doctor #Explained #Twitter Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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According to health aid Elara Care, the first stage of prolapse is marked by a person’s uterus drooping from its normal placement in the body and falling into the upper half of the vagina. During stage 2, the uterus descends nearly to the opening of the vagina before slightly protruding out at stage 3. Finally, during stage 4 the uterus hangs out of the vaginal canal.

When prolapse causes symptoms, a person may experience bladder infections, backache, vaginal bleeding, and difficulty with inserting tampons, having sex, or pooping. If someone is experiencing stage 4 in prolapse, the protrusion may make it difficult to walk. 

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