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WATCH: Dali gets into a hard fight with Nkosiyabo over Ayanda

WATCH: Dali gets into a hard fight with Nkosiyabo over Ayanda #WATCH #Dali #hard #fight #Nkosiyabo #Ayanda Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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In this week’s Highlights, Ayanda’s dirty secrets come out of the closet and are not pretty. Dali was trying to catch Nkosiyabo doing shady business deals, but he saw him with his wife instead, doing shady business!

The two appeared on the Zola Radebe CCTV footage getting cosy, and this set Malinga on a journey of discovery. He searches for more footage on Ayanda, from her work and everywhere she has been.

The trace leads him to footage where Ayanda kisses Nkosiyabo in the parking lot.

Dali then confronts Ayanda, who denies everything, even when the evidence is so damning and right in front of her.

Dali doesn’t waste time; he goes after Nkosiyabo, and a fight ensues between the two.
Ayanda can be heard screaming, STOP!

Washa Malinga catches Ayanda on CCTV footage with Nkosiyabo and Lelethu closes in on Sphe, this week on Generations The Legacy. Image: Instagram/Generations The Legacy
At the rate Ayanda and Nkosiyabo were going, it was only a matter of time before this secret got exposed.
The irony is that she had decided to go the straight and narrow route with Dali, but this secret was too big to stay locked away.

The silver cup is broken!
Ayanda has been at it for a long time with Nkosiyabo, just a few weeks after her wedding. The question now is, what’s next? Will Dali stay with Ayanda, or is it over?

Lelethu has made his deal with Mazwi and gets his share of Moroka Media, but Pamela is on his heels.
The deal is that he doesn’t expose what he knows about Sphe and the death of Winston Majoro.

Lelethu signed the documents, but now, Pamela is coming after him. Pam wants to know what exactly Lelethu is up to, and she finds that. She comes across the share documents he has signed to shut his mouth about Sphe.

Pamela asks Tracy to help her investigate Malinga.

Mbali continues acting out of character, making her friend Nontle think it’s time they talked. According to the teasers, Mbali’s visit to the commune turns very weird, and she is the instigator.

Mbali’s behaviour also prompts her doctor, Mr Langa, to use a different approach to get into her head.

Mbali isn’t coming to terms with the fire incident at The Holy House and the trauma taking its toll on her.
Watch as Dali Malinga catches Nkosiyabo in a secret affair below:

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