What is Delta 8 THC? Everything you need to know about D8

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Like the well-known (yet currently legally illegal in the federal government) Delta 9, Delta 8 THC is a natural component of marijuana plants. Despite their similarities, the effects and legality of these two compounds differ quite a bit. You can buy the high-quality delta 8 shatter online from the best brand at Concentrated concepts.

THC delta 8 and delta 9 differ chemically in terms of where their carbon molecules are located. Within the molecular structure of Delta 8, the eighth carbon atom has a double bond. Nine carbon atoms in Delta 9 have double bonds.

What are the legal differences between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC?

If Delta 8 THC and 9 THC are scientifically comparable, how can Delta 8 THC get people into prison? In a nutshell, scientists have beaten the big money interests and politicians for a moment. Because Delta 8 THC comes from hemp plants rather than marijuana plants, it is legal on a federal level. 

By US law, Industrial hemp plants, as well as all its derivatives, isomers, and so on. are legal. Legal hemp plants can be classified by having less than .3 percent Delta 9 THC as measured by dry weight. This is after the harvest in its natural form.

Cannabis plants with more than .3 percent Delta 9 THC by dry weight are classified as marijuana according to the Federal government and are a federally controlled substance.

Since Delta 8 is an isomer of cannabis and is easily transformed into its original form using CBD, or Delta 9 THC. Since CBD is naturally found in large amounts through industrial hemp, extractors should utilize it in conjunction with the illegal marijuana plant. 

What is the truth about Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 is commonly believed to be fake. However, it’s not. Another theory is that while it was discovered recently, it was not. Some within the cannabis industry will dismiss it as fake cannabis; however, it’s, in fact, the real deal and is not man-made or unnatural. This is an isomer from the cannabis plant, which happens to be converted through the motion of the carbon molecules of one.

Cannabinoids differ from Delta 8 in what ways?

Since Delta 8 is only recently becoming well-known, many believe it is brand new and undiscovered. This isn’t true. Initially discovered in 1941, Delta 8 is the fourth most studied cannabinoid within the whole plant. With more than 100 identified cannabinoids, it is what makes Delta 8 pretty well known.

There’s a long and rich story to discover inside Delta 8; the tale summarizes that it was banned during prohibition along with Delta 9 THC. Following the passage of the legislation in 2018, the doors were opened to modern and more sophisticated scientists to resume studying Delta 8 THC.

Can Delta 8 THC products make me high?

As a general rule, Delta 8 THC has mild psychoactive effects, which can produce an occasional buzz or a pleasant feeling. Delta 8 THC-based products cause some of the impact associated with the traditional use of cannabis; however, they are more controlled and less potent sensations. You may notice improvements to your general state of mind and awareness, but having any substantial hallucinatory or psychoactive effects from the pure Delta 8 products is unnecessary. You can buy quality Delta 8 products from concentratecon.com.

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