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What Was Shireen Essop Ransom Amount As The Missing Woman Makes It Back Home?

What Was Shireen Essop Ransom Amount As The Missing Woman Makes It Back Home? #Shireen #Essop #Ransom #Amount #Missing #Woman #Home Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Shireen Essop was missing for more than three weeks, when there was a rise in kidnappings in Cape Town. She has now been found and is back with her family. Read on to find out more about Shireen Essop’s abduction and the ransom that was asked for.

Shireen Essop was found at the Klipfontein Mission Station at midnight on Friday night by the Klipfontein Neighbourhood Watch, according to Essop’s brother Hamied.

He told News24, “We can say for sure that Shireen was found safe and sound last night.”

shireen essop

shireen essop

What Was Shireen Essop Ransom Amount?

A source says that Shireen was seen and told a horrifying story about being kidnapped and held as a hostage in Khayelitsha.

The source has not said how much the ransom will be.

Essop was dumped on the side of Govan Mbeki Road at midnight on Friday, which was the last time anyone saw her.

On May 23, she was last seen driving a white Toyota down Weltevreden Road. After a few hours, her car was found in Philippi, but Essop was nowhere to be found.

Shireen Essop Update

Shireen Essop, who lives in Primrose Park and is 34 years old, was last seen on Weltevreden Road near Browns Farm in Philippi while driving home from work last month. She was reported missing.

She was looked for by activists, locals, and people from many different communities.

On Saturday, members of a neighbourhood watch in Klipfontein saw her at a garage and brought her home.

The family doesn’t know why Essop left and then came back.

Was The Kidnapper Found?

A woman who had been missing for about a month was found, which made people angry on social media. People demanded to know what happened, but the woman’s family didn’t say anything.

Dean Esau, who is part of the neighbourhood watch, said that the police had been told about the kidnapping.

Shireen said she had been taken and needed to talk to her husband, but he didn’t listen to her, he said. A police spokesman, FC Van Wyk, couldn’t say for sure if Essop had been taken or if officers had just ignored her.

Even though Shireen Essop’s kidnapping hasn’t been proven yet, the number of kidnappings in South Africa has been going up. Last week’s episode of Carte Blanche was about how terrible it was for business people in the Eastern Cape to be kidnapped for large amounts of money.

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