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Who Was Judith Durham’s Husband And Did They Have Children?

Who Was Judith Durham’s Husband And Did They Have Children? #Judith #Durhams #Husband #Children Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Who Was Judith Durham’s Husband and Did They Have Children? – GossipAxis
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Australian musician Judith Durham has tragically passed away at the age of 79.

The singer and songwriter was a vocalist in the Australian folk music group The Seekers, which formed in Melbourne in 1962.

They were one of the biggest groups of the sixties, producing songs including I’ll Never Find Another You, I’m Australian and Georgie Girl.

The band only performed for five years, from 1963 to 1968, when Judith left to pursue a solo career, but sold over 50 million records worldwide.

She died in palliative care on Friday night (August 5) after being treated at Melbourne’s The Alfred Hospital, The Guardian reports.

She died of complications from the long-standing lung disease bronchiectasis and social media tributes are pouring in for the much-loved singer.

Who was her husband? And did he have children? Read on to know more about him…

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Judith Durham’s husband died in 1994

Judith was married to British pianist Ron Edgeworth for 35 years from 1969 to 1994.

According to IMDb, he was their music director and an actor and composer, best known for Raw Deal (1977) and Cash & Company (1975).

They married at a Scots church in Melbourne and lived in the UK and Switzerland until the mid-1980s before moving to Nambur, Queensland.

He was diagnosed with motor neuron disease and sadly died on 10 December 1994, along with Judith. He never married again.

Judith believed in karma and reincarnation, so it was always comforting to know that Ron continues on his spiritual journey.

“She tries not to hold him back in this world. She keeps warm and happy memories and gratitude for her most wonderful marriage that sustains and comforts her all the time,” says her website.

Ben A. Photo by Pruchani/Getty Images

Did they have any children?

The official website of the Seekers reveals that Judith and her late husband Ron decided not to have children.

Judith’s website suggests that “their love for each other and the music woven into every part of their lives completely fulfilled them”.

Although Athol, who was also in the band, is the father of Alisa and Keith, and Pam Potter also had two children, Cassie and Matthew.

Bruce also had children and is the father of Claire and Dan.

Photo by Nigel Scott McNeil/Fairfax Media via Getty Images

Australian Prime Minister pays tribute

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese paid Tribute singer on twitter

He called her a “national treasure” and “Australian icon” and added: “Judith Durham gave voice to a new strand of our identity and helped burn a mark for a new generation of Australian artists.”

“His kindness will be remembered by many, the anthem he gave to our nation will never be forgotten,” the politician continued.

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A national treasure and an Australian icon, Judith Durham gave voice to a new strand of our identity and helped make a mark for a new generation of Australian artists.

His kindness will be remembered by many, the anthem he gave to our nation will never be forgotten.

— Anthony Albanese (@AlboMP) 6 August 2022

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Opposition leader Peter Dutton also offered his condolences, writing: “Australia has lost a musical and cultural icon with the passing of Judith Durham.”

“Judith Durham gave voice to more than one generation of Australians through words of universal appeal that, once heard, in our memories and indeed, were fixed on the identity of this country.”

“She was an exemplary artist, a fine and talented musician who recently showed tremendous strength and courage in dealing with the adversity of her health issues through the transformative power of music.”

He called their achievements “extraordinary” and added: “The carnival may be over, but Judith Durham’s legacy will well and truly live on.”

His The Seekers bandmates have also paid tribute to him, calling him “our treasured lifelong friend and shining star”.

Keith Potter, Bruce Woodley and Athol Guy said: “His struggle was intense and heroic, he never complained about his fate and accepted its conclusion completely.”

“Their illustrious musical legacy Keith, Bruce and I are so blessed to share,” he continued.

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