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Willow TV Series Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Willow TV Series Release Date, Cast, Trailer #Willow #Series #Release #Date #Cast #Trailer Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Disney + is setting up another adventure series for the viewer’s named Willow that is about to be premiered soon. The series would be a continuation of the 1988 cult-classic movie Willow. The series would consist of 8 episodes with many new characters.

The shooting of the series began in June 2021 in Wales. The lead cast is expected to be the same one in the movie. Willow fans are waiting for the release of the series to once again watch their favorite characters on the screen. 

Some conflicts reported regarding the director of the series Jon M. Chu. It has been said that due to the timing issues, Jon was made to drop out of the show. One of the possible reasons, according to Jon, is that his wife’s delivery was scheduled within the time period the shoot was meant to be carried out, and due to that, it was being difficult for him to manage the timing.

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Willow TV Series Release Date

Willow’s premiere date has not been made specific yet. However, the investors of the series have stated that the series would most probably get released in 2022. However, the authentic information about the release of the series on the specific platform and the trailer’s release is kept secret.

Willow Cast

Many characters will play a lead role in the show, including Warwick Davis. Here is the complete Willow Cast:- 

The lead character Warwick Davis will play Willow.
Ellie Bamber, aka Dove, will play the kitchen maid who saves the kidnapped prince.
Ruby Cruz will play the character of Kit, who is the guest-starring role on Blue Bloods and Castle Rock.
Erin Kellyman plates her character as Jade, Kit’s best friend. She is getting training to become a warrior.
Dempsey Bryk, Chadha-Patel, and Tony Revolori join the cast; however, there is no confirmation or information about their roles.
The character Commander Ballantine plays Ralph Ineson. Other characters like Charlie Rawes as Toth, Kenny Knight as Keene, and Adwoa Aboah will play Scorpia.
Alexis Rodney portrays the character of Lachlan.

Willow Trailer

An official trailer of the series has not been released on any video streaming platforms yet. However, a casual video where Warwick Davis introduces the cast of the series hilariously has been uploaded on IMDb. Davis asks funny questions one by one to all the people about to star in the series. 

While introducing Dempsey Bryk, he asks about his first name even after being told by the actor. Still, Bryk explains to him again. He asks Amar about the movie ‘Willow’ to which he pretends to be unaware. Then, after mentioning the director, he says that he remembered. While coming to Ellie Bamber, she says that she wasn’t born when the movie was released. 

Davis makes fun of Tony by asking him whether he is into TikTok and insta stories, to which Tony answers as yes in a sarcastic way. At last, he concludes by saying that this was the young cast, and the title of the series is mentioned in the end. 

Willow Storyline

The series would be shown to be continued after 30 years of the incidents that happened in the Willow movie. Much of the plot and the storyline have not been revealed by the official sources yet.

However, the speculations are being made as the film showed that Willow got the magic book that helped him complete his journey of being a sorcerer. Hence, fans may see the character of Willow being a sorcerer and more mature than in the movie.

It has been said that many new characters, including an enchanted fairy realm’s queen along with Eborsisk monsters who’ll be having two heads, are added to the series to make it more exciting and entertaining. 

Another speculation involves now Willow saving an enlisting prince from the evil people trying to harm him. Verifying this information is still going on, and the original facts are being awaited. 

The Conclusion 

It is known that Willow’s release date and the facts are still not made public either by the production team or the investors of the series. There is a possibility that the series hasn’t completed on the filming part yet due to issues with the director. However, there may be some halt for the time being in the release of the series. 

Willow movie fans are waiting for the updates to know the further story and events their hero, Willow, undergoes. The audience is also excited for the look of the characters shown after 30 years of the movie storyline. Viewers are expecting something new and engaging this time so that the movie becomes a wonderful experience for them. You can bookmark this page for further updates and news regarding the Willow series.

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