Woody at Disney World video helps Toy Story’s Jessie spot fans in the crowd

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A video of Toy Story character Jessie holding her baby at a Disney World parade recently went viral on TikTok. It has melted the hearts of social media users and has already received 300,000 views.

User ‘lifesigma’ uploaded the video to Tay Money’s ‘The Assignment’.

A cute Disney World video clip reads, “Woody for the win.”

The amazing clip has been shared almost 4,000 times by TikTokers, who are clearly hooked on the amazing video.

What did Woody do in the Disney World video?

Jesse and Woody (complete with Disney World cast members) are entertaining the crowd, but Woody notices the kids on the other end calling Jesse’s name.

The Disney star went to her partner to tell Jessie that fans were chanting her name next to her. It is likely that among so many people, he did not hear them. But when Woody points at the Disney World fans, we see him scurry away in the video.

He then races to hug one of them.

Disney World Resistance

It comes as the park faces backlash over a clip that went viral on social media after allegations of discrimination against Philadelphia’s Sesame Place.

Recently, a Sesame Place actor’s TikTok video went viral and people were upset. As part of the parade, the figure appears to prioritize visiting the park, waving to two black girls waiting to see them.

The Daily Mail reports the parents went to court Against Sesame Place, other characters accused their daughter of “neglect”.

Sesame Place Answers

He answered that it was the princess’s place apologetically involved in racist crimes.

They said; “Our brand, our parks and our employees support accessibility and equity in all its forms.”

They said the “no” hand gesture shown in the video “was not directed at any individual, but in response to the many requests from the crowd for Rosita to be photographed with her baby in her arms.”

Read the full statement below.

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