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Zendaya is not dating Jordan Poole as wrong moment on court goes viral

Zendaya is not dating Jordan Poole as wrong moment on court goes viral #Zendaya #dating #Jordan #Poole #wrong #moment #court #viral Welcome to RKM Blog, here is the new story we have for you today:

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Jordan Poole stole the spotlight by hitting a buzzer beater in Game 5 against the Celtics on Monday night, and fans believe Zendaya was the reason for his success.

The actress and NBA champion had previously become a hot topic of conversation when the latter tried his luck with the Spiderman star. However, there’s no reason to think they’re dating right now.

Let’s see why Tom Holland’s girlfriend is linked to Jordan.

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Zendaya is not dating Jordan Poole

Fans link Zendaya to Jordan after last night’s game.

Some feel that Jordan had a remarkable chance to see her in the audience. People have been circulating edited portions of the viral moment to create a false narrative about Zendaya and Jordan.

However, there are no official reports of Zendaya’s presence in the final game, nor has she confirmed it. The photos that have surfaced online are not from last night’s game and the supposed moment that went viral is fake.

Meanwhile, some want to see her ***ist Jordan at court, which is just a fantasy.

While the wrong moment has caught the attention of many, Zendaya is happily obliged to Tom.

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As the NBA star fired his shot

Perhaps, if the NBA player hadn’t responded to one of her old comments on Instagram, people wouldn’t be as interested in rumors surrounding Zendaya and Jordan.

In December 2021, Laura Harrier posted a series of pictures from her date with Klay Thompson, and it drew you in Comment by Zendaya.

She simply posted a heart and a crying emoji, expressing her admiration for the couple. Jordan soon jumped in, tagging Zendaya and Klay and asking for a “double date.”

But the comment didn’t seem to catch the actress’ attention.

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co*** | Reveal trailer





How long have the Spiderman stars been together?

Fans have had to puzzle over Tom and Zendaya’s relationship status for years due to their on and off dating rumors.

They were cast on-screen as a couple in 2016 to play love interests Peter Parker and MJ, and they began to draw attention when fans noticed the staged chemistry between the two on red carpet appearances and other events came to life.

In 2017, a source confirmed this persons that the actors were dating but kept quiet about it as they wanted to keep it private.

The actress kept shutting down dating rumors for years until they were Spotted kissing at a red light in Los Angeles in July 2021.

In other news, bizarre celebrity fast food collaborations are leaving fans confused Zendaya is not dating Jordan Poole as wrong moment on court goes viral

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